4 Seasonal Color Palette Design Ideas for Branding

November 2, 2023

Seasonal Color Palette Design Ideas

Assembling the right color palette is foundational to a brand design. Individual colors create a distinct feel and help us establish a memorable personality for a brand. Colors stand out and help customers remember companies and identify them in the busy marketplace. We’ve helped a few clients take risks with their palettes and try colors outside of the comfort zone this year and the results have been stunning. So if you are looking for a seasonal color palette to use in your brand design, check out the 4 we’ve put together below!

Spring Color Palette

spring seasonal color palette

Rejuvenating & Inviting

The spring palette is rejuvenating and inviting and perfect for a business that centers around child development, growth, or mental health. This palette is calming and welcoming, it provokes imagery of nature and pairs well light and bright positive photography.

Summer Color Palette

summer seasonal color palette

Luxurious & Soft

This luxurious and soft color palette is romantic and feels like a day in the sand. As summer tones are sunwashed and never vibrant, they look faded no matter the hue and therefore feel timeless. This palette is prime for aesthetics companies, jewelry, fashion, or slow-living vibes like vacation rentals or bars.

Fall Color Palette

fall seasonal color palette

Supportive & Warm

This energetic and familiar palette is ideal for a business that must connect with people and root itself in history and legacy. Financial planners, investment firms, and filmmakers are ideal for this seasonal color palette. The bold colors must be used sparingly, but the degree of creativity of the company can dictate the degree of how much fun they have with the colors.

Winter Color Palette

winter seasonal color palette

Bold & High-End

This palette is dramatic and emphasizes how decisive and confident a company is. It commands attention and separates itself from competitors because its approach is high-end. This seasonal color palette would be great for an exclusive ad agency, real estate, broker or another similar industry.

Color can really enhance a side of a company’s personality that they want to feature. It’s a powerful tool to call attention to an aspect that would otherwise go unnoticed. If you’ve been looking for a brand color refresh, we have just the thing for you!

We’re pulling out our signature color palette service that we deliver to our brand and website clients and are offering it to businesses looking for a quick refresh with significant impact. We assess the current palette you’re using, look for areas to elevate brand personality, and deliver a 6 color professional Pantone color palette with delightful neutrals for your digital marketing. Check it out here and let’s get your color palette matching your brand from top to bottom!

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