9 Canva Font Pairings You Need For Your Branding

October 19, 2023

canva font pairings

Choosing the right font pairings is an important part of your branding. Canva is a great tool for this, but the font library is extensive – it’s overwhelming! So I thought I’d help you get started. The clean and classic aesthetic is my favorite, so I chose some old-time favorites with added personality.⁠ When you require professional-looking marketing materials, choose from these 9 pre-made font pairings that I have curated for you.⁠

1. Noto Serif // Univers Extended

branding fonts

Editorial. Poised. Intelligent.

This font pairing is a perfect match for an editorial business that wants to stand out. Both fonts have extremes – extreme height, extreme serifs, extreme thin lines – everything about this pair is right for a business with a lot of opinions.

2. Frutiger // Itc New Baskerville

brand fonts

Consistent. Dependable. Supportive.

Frutiger is a very masculine business feeling font. It is very clear while still holding some personality. This is great for the business that wants to be taken seriously, and also showcase some humanity. The ITC new Baskerville element has a softness and is a great call out. These two fonts would be a great pair for a physical therapy business, chiropractic, or business advisor. 

3. Fraunces // Barlow Condensed

fonts for branding

Detailed. High-end. Creative.

Fraunces is not only feminine, it has some interesting sideways details in the font that make it feel a little sassy. This would be great for a nail tech or clothing store that wants to feel old with a lot of personality. Barlow is one of my favorite fonts. It’s a perfect balance to a high personality font. Barlow is what you might see on fashion designer websites that want to have a minimalist moment amongst everything else. 

4. HK Grotesk // Goudy Regular Italic

fonts for business

Clear. Grounded. Inviting.

HK Grotesk is a versatile sans serif font that feels clean and modern. It’s a great choice for a fresh market, a real estate broker, or even a homemade candle company. Goudy works to anchor the brand with a wholesome, hardy serif that creates the feeling of familiarity and trust.

5. Kulachat // Pragmatica Extended

canva font pairings

Playful. Warm. Trendy.

This font pairing is the more accessible version of the Noto Serif & Univers Extended. The two fonts are more angular and a little unusual, which makes them feel a bit more fun. This pair would be perfect for a preschool, parenting coach, or pediatric office. The brands would feel welcoming and trendy.

6. Lovelo // Canva Sans

font pairings for branding

Bold. Amusing. Confident.

This pair is begging for a gelato parlor or Italian eatery to scoop it right up. Its bold thick lines and minimalist feel make it the right choice for a business overflowing excitement and drama.

7. Recoleta // Mistrully

font pairings

Airy. Romantic. Visionary.

This is an airy pair that feels like summer. This pairing would be perfect for a general store in a charming coastal downtown. It would also make a lovely brand for a writer, interior designer, or a textile company.

8. Garet // Holiday

canva fonts

Retro. Opulent. High style.

Garet and Holiday feel right for a company delivering design, custom services, or high value products like boutique gold jewelry. These fonts are dramatic which imply big transformation.

9. Alta // Cooper Hewitt

brand canva font pairings

Expert. Decisive. Powerful.

This pair will anchor a business in a cutting-edge, self-assured niche. Businesses that need to send the message that their offers are powerful, direct, and specialized will pack a big punch with this look. Dentists, aesthetic service providers, specialty hair salons, and even high-end landscaping companies would benefit from these fonts.

Notice how all of these font pairings feel balanced. Successful typography does not mean that everything has to be the same style. The best example is the ‘Main Street’ approach: lots of different businesses, but each distinct and contributing to the beautiful appeal of the town.

If you’re going to be using Canva for your social media or marketing, I highly recommend getting the pro version. It is so much easier to have access to the entire library of fonts, stock images and stock video, and you’ll find yourself using all of them.

Which pairing is your favorite? Let me know in the comments of this post – I’d love to know your thoughts!

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