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September 21, 2023

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Have you been on the hunt for the best Canva fonts for branding? With their vast library, it can be daunting! It’s an important decision as fonts are an essential part of the branding process. Just like color or photography style, fonts have a distinct personality. As we uncover the business’s personality, we know which font makes sense to represent the overall messaging. Let’s talk about 5 of my favorite Cavna fonts for branding to help make your decision process easier.

best canva fonts for branding hk grotesk

1. HK Grotesk – clean, round, smart

HK Grotesk is one of my favorite Canva fonts because it’s very similar to another font I use for one of my Fortune 200 clients, Brandon Grotesque. It’s super clean, round, but still smart and mature. When I found HK Grotesque in Canva I thought, WIN! I’ll be using this one for small ‘eyebrow’ detail type as often as it makes sense. You’ll find HK Grotesk in a lot of my social posts. 

barlow classic clean font

2. Barlow – techy, tall, clear

Barlow is a go-to in Canva as well as Flodesk for me. This font is taller for a sans serif and can give the feeling of a sophisticated condensed type without being illegible. It’s also great for tiny detail and leans on the masculine technical side. 

best canva fonts for branding recoleta

3. Recoleta – airy, delicate, traditional

This font is so stunning and is also available on Canva with the Pro version. It’s a serif font, which means that it has those grounding details like ‘feet’ that you’d find in Times New Roman, for example. It’s very spacious and grand and has subtle traditional details. There’s a thin version in Canva that would be perfect for a delicate summery brand. 

We’re actually working on launching a feminine floral brand where we’re using Recoleta as the primary font. It’s perfect, except we’re not using the dainty version, but rather the chunky bold one for a more friendly feel. 

best canva fonts for branding holiday

4. Holiday – fast, casual, handwritten

Finding the right handwritten script font can be like walking through a minefield. Your design can go from hot-girl to kids-craft-party real quick. Canva’s ‘Holiday’ is the right blend of casual and realistic. A lot of scripts are too loopy and don’t give the authentic handwritten feel. Holiday is like the goldilocks of scripts – just right. 

We use this font for one of our retainer clients who’s a non-profit. They have presentation graphics that need to feel casual and engaging, so we use Holiday sparingly and it strikes the right note. 

best canva fonts for branding baskerville

5. Baskerville – classic, expressive, grounded

I must include some love for my favorite font throughout all of time, Baskerville. When I was in college at Belmont University in their design comm department, I always tried to feature this super classic font. It wasn’t always right for the project – not great for the Nashville Zoo Map redesign, for example – but I didn’t have the skills to make the connection then. I think that Baskerville is just my soul-font: classic with flair and grounded. The italic typeface has so much curve and personality. There are many times I use a bold edgy font and with Baskerville Italic.

Remember, branding is all about helping customers create an emotional connection to your business. So you want to make sure that your font helps tell that story! 

Want more font inspiration? Check out my instagram post showcasing 10 classic and clean Canva font pairings I love, featuring these 5 Canva fonts for branding!

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