How Canva Templates Can Be A Game Changer For Your Business

August 24, 2023

social media canva templates

Canva templates are a great way to streamline your marketing design process. Whether you’re using social media templates or taking advantage of multi-page guide templates, Canva templates can shave the time and stress you would usually spend on creating those pieces of content.

Let’s start from the very beginning. Canva is an online design platform that requires little to no experience. Templates are a complete design with placeholder text ready to be customized for your use, over and over as needed. Imagine a year of marketing design ready to feature monthly content with very little effort from you. Sounds great, right?

Lots of people take advantage of social media and multi-page guide templates. 110% of our clients opt in for templates! With each brand or website project, we always ask to help with client’s Canva accounts. We even had a book cover design project opt in for a Canva guide and social ad templates to promote her new book. Templates are very versatile and can work for any industry or project.

I even use social media templates myself! I had been creating company social posts in Adobe XD and recently switched to Canva for the ease of video editing and ambient stock video and photos.

How to use and what to use social media templates for is pretty straight forward, but you may be wondering how to use multi-page guide templates. Last year, we created three 10+ page service guides for clients in done-for-you service industries. They were needing a strategic step by step guide that showed customers how their process worked, what to expect, and package details. These included information like how to book, company bios, and more.

Examples of multi-page templates:

canva templates for multi-page guides

Living Notes PhotographyAllen Home OrganizersNashville Home OrganizersSinging Bird Coaching

Service Guides

Welcome Kit

Media Kit

Policy & Terms 

Catering and Menus

Investor Pitch Deck

How to Prepare for your Session

Case Studies

There are so many benefits to using Canva templates for your business, but there are three that stand out to me the most:

1. Easy for you

After 20 years of design experience in a plethora of programs, I can promise you, Canva templates are legit design and as easy as can be! You can load in your brand approved fonts, colors, and layouts for anyone to log in and have access to. Swapping images is as easy as a single click, and you have access to ambient photos for free or for as low as $13/mo. (For reference, my design software + limited stock image subscription exceeds $75/mo.)

2. Quick Sales

All of our Canva templates tell customers how to easily book or purchase a product, no hesitation. By quickly answering a customer’s inquiry with a Service Guide, Menu of Services, or Media Kit, you’re helping them book or buy quickly instead of feeling confused or hesitant.

3. Nurtures Customer Trust

Having custom templates helps convey your brand message while featuring your current offers. This consistency in design nurtures your customer along to trust you and learn more about your company. When they encounter consistent marketing, this nurtures brand loyalty and helps customers feel safe to come on board with you.

If you’ve been interested in getting custom Canva templates for your business, reach out! By adding templates into your process, you’ll get precious time back and never worry about your designs or branding in your marketing again!

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