Logos 101 | Everything You Need To Know About Your Business Logo

August 10, 2023

business logo design

Logos play a big role in a business’s branding. A logo should spark instant recognition and get a customer excited that they’ve come across you. Think of how it feels when you see a Starbucks logo or a Chick Fil A logo on an exit sign – YES! They also help you stand out and let new customers know what type of expertise to expect from you. There’s so much to talk about when it comes to a business logo, so let’s dive into Logos 101. Class is in session!

Every business should have a logo. They provide instant recognition across all media, they represent what you stand for and who you are, and they encourage brand loyalty. So much can be conveyed through your logo design. They really set the stage for how it will feel to experience a business. A bold, structured logo tells you to expect deadline oriented and clear services. A rustic, historical styled logo tells you this is a business with a story that is looking to offer something special and timeless.

It’s important to have a family of logotypes or a logo suite. This allows you the flexibility of utilizing your branding across all media types.

First you have your primary logo. This is the complete version of your logo, including an icon, your business name, tagline if you have one, and often an established date. These are best used for feature areas like storefront windows, marketing packets, media kits, or signage. Since they have a lot of elements, they require a large space.

Next are your secondary logos. They are just a different, simplified layout of your primary logo content. Depending on the arrangement, this can mean without your tagline or icon, in a badge form, stacked, icon only, etc. Secondary logos usually still have the name of the business present, but sometimes it’s just initials. These are great for times when your name is plastered all over a platform, event space, or shop. They’re simpler and are a reminder that your business is still present on something. These secondary logos are usually a little more unconventional and fun, which makes them great for apparel and stamps!

When clients come to me for a logo suite, I have a pretty straightforward process. First, we start with discovery and research. This is where we learn everything we can about where the business has been and where it wants to be. Then we move on to the vision portion. Moodboarding, style boarding, ideal clients, typography, and color palette are all dreamed up and created. Next is development. Here we design the logo suite and mock up marketing materials and apparel to make sure the logo family works on various media. After that is complete, we send it all to the client for feedback and refinement. We absorb and use all the thoughts from the client to finish the final look. Then we finish up with final approval and export all the files, style guide, and style board. Sending them off to a happy client is the best part!

Business Logos I’ve Created

Lauren Leliuer

small business logo design

I worked with Lauren just weeks into opening my logo and website studio. I really wanted to pull from my experience with big brands and create something that would outlast current trends. In the discovery phase, we agreed that Lauren’s brand was trustworthy, organized, and bright. She was bubbly and clear, and her VA business got it done for her clients. Lauren approved the first mood board we prepared AND her initial brand presentation. This is not because she’s literally one of the kindest souls, but because we absolutely knew what her customers were looking for. This logo remains one of my favorites to date.

Tootie’s Handmade Ice Cream

ice cream shop logo design

Confession, this whimsical brand did not make its debut. The owner of Sweet Moo’s in Nolensville and I worked passionately to come up with something that felt soulful and would appeal to young and old afternoon ice cream visitors and date-night goers. Our vision session brought tears to both our eyes as we knew we had created something her grandmother, Tootie, would be proud of. However, a life event came up and our owner sold her shop. It was the best decision, but she and I both agree this brand was special. 

Cayte King Photography

photography business logo design

Cayte King Photography has a distinctly classic feel. Her pictures are light filled and she is a PRO at making kids smile. In discovery, we decided that her brand was graceful, classic and clear. In the vision portion of our engagement we landed on imagery with high contrast blacks and white with heirloom quality subject matter. I’d say joyful heirloom! 🙂 The logo suite provides Cayte with simple branding to use in her galleries, marketing, social media, and packaging. I love the CK design. It’s just perfect. 

I LOVE creating logos. While the design is easy for me, nailing the right look and feel for the right client is the challenge. Since the logo sets the stage for how a customer will feel within the business, it’s not so much about hot design as it is about completely understanding the vision. I love the challenge and process of figuring out the best way and best tools to use to convey my client’s vision.

Do you want your own custom designed business logo? Reach out! Let’s figure out the best visual to tell your business’s story.

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