The 6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs A Website To Succeed

June 22, 2023

every business needs a website

Are you just getting started and wondering, “does every business need a website?” As a website designer, I can say with confidence that yes, all businesses should have a website. While it can seem like a daunting task to create a website that embodies everything about your business, the benefits are too great to ignore! Let me tell you a few reasons why you should have a website for your business and how you can get one without any stress.

1. Folks are Googling you

If you have a business, I can guarantee that when people need to find you, they are Googling you! Your website is like an open storefront that can meet those folks without any barriers. When you depend on Instagram or Facebook or Etsy, individuals who are not comfortable with those platforms will likely hesitate to dive in. This could cost you a sale, a referral, or a partnership. You want to meet your people where they are looking for you.

2. A website tells your story

Do you find yourself telling your story, how you got started, and why you do what you do all the time? Your website can do that for you! While you are getting other things done, your website can show up with all the information and visuals an inquiring lead would want to learn and see.

3. It answers customers questions so you don’t have to

Your website will cover the basics and point people in the right direction to get their questions answered. You’ll be able to explain everything once and with the best attitude!

4. You can build SEO, feature reviews, and really sell your expertise

There are so many benefits to building your SEO, especially when you are wanting to be found online. Building your SEO is easy when your site features current information, recent reviews, and everything you’re selling! These are the core pieces of your business and are gold to website visitors.

5. You can communicate to a wide audience

In-person networking, markets, and physical sales spaces require your full attention and only reach the folks that physically interact with you. What about remote workers, out of town shoppers, and friends of friends in other states?! You don’t want to miss out on opportunities just because you don’t have a website. Your offers should reach as wide of an audience as you can serve.

6. It can boost your confidence in your business and help you feel prepared

A comprehensive and concise website that represents your business and makes you feel good will absolutely give you the confidence you need to sell your services without hesitation.

A few of my favorite websites

If you need some inspiration for your website, check out some of my favorites below. I love all the visual design on these sites!

flodesk business needs a website
moyo studio design business needs a website
jenis ice cream business needs a website

There are three ways to approach your company’s website design

You can go the DIY route with a platform like Wix or Squarespace and use a template. Another option is hiring a company to build a custom site for you. OR you could work with a designer you trust and who’s styles make sense for your industry. You will get a website designed with a marketing strategy and sales edge on a platform that allows you to make small tweaks and updates yourself when you work with a designer. This option gives you the most flexibility and sets you up for the most success.

Let us be your guide and set up a site for you that’s loaded with custom design and easy to manage. You’ll be glad you didn’t just go with a template!

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