These 4 Brand Design Tools Are Must Haves For Your Business

June 8, 2023

must have brand design tools

Emmert Wolf famously said, “a man is only as good as his tools.” While I believe that a little bit more than tools goes into creating a great brand design, I definitely have some favorite tools that help me as a brand designer! Let’s talk about my 4 must-have brand design tools.

1. Creative Market Fonts

creative market brand design tools

Fonts are very important in branding. Each brand begins with a font exploration, and Creative Market lets you try out various fonts. This allows for so much room to brainstorm and get to see if different ideas work well or not. Also, all the hot and trendy font designers feature their work here, so it’s a one stop shop!

2. Adobe Illustrator

adobe illustrator brand design tools

Illustration design does not get any more custom than with this Adobe program. There is not an icon you cannot draw or a grain gradient you can’t create. I’d be lost without Adobe Illustrator with all the things I use it for! It’s where I manipulate and customize typography, where I develop icon libraries, and where I try on all the colors. I’m able to take everything I’ve come up with and build brand patterns and fill out the rest of a brand design for my clients.

3. Pinterest

pinterest brand design tools

Pinterest is a great place to create mood boards. You can gather inspiration and use it to share and collect ideas with clients. You’re also able to view a variety of industry samples by searching design trends. This can help with both inspiration and keeping up with what’s hot in each industry. I also love that you can save an unlimited amount of pins. There are no limitations on inspiration and creativity on Pinterest!

4. Canva


Eek, yes! I looove Canva for sharing brand deliverables like business cards, digital images, social media templates, guide booklets and website art with clients! Canva makes it so easy for me to give clients access to the artwork I’ve created for them. 

Having the right tools at your fingertips allows for endless possibilities when it comes to brand design. I would have a much harder time bringing my client’s businesses to life without them! If you want to see some branding in action created using my must-have brand design tools, check out my portfolio page

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