6 Key Ways To Tell It’s Time For A Business Rebrand

May 25, 2023

business rebrand

Have you wondered if it’s time for a business rebrand? Having a look and feel that makes sense, attracts your ideal customers, and makes you proud is so important. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! A rebrand can also be a refresh of what’s working and new design work to support it all. You love your product/service, you should love your branding too! 

The following 6 points are a few ways you can tell it is time to look into rebranding your business.

1. Your business is growing in popularity and you haven’t worked with a brand designer by this point.

If your business is becoming something that people are talking about, it’s time to make sure you’re operating in the brand that you want to be long-term. We love to love Mom and Pop small businesses, but often the brand and marketing is DIY. While this can be endearing, it usually means you have gaps that, if smoothed out by a brand designer, would add ease and take everything to the polished level you dream about.

2. You need to reach a larger audience.

Similar to the decision to increase marketing efforts to grow your customer base, a rebrand can also grow that customer base. A rebrand can also offer strategy that looks years into the future. It’s one thing to tell more people that your business is what they need through advertising, but it’s another thing to look like the business they need. Rebranding can often be the home renovation where you take everything down to the studs. This allows you to design exactly what your audience will fall in love with.

3. Your business has changed.

This is an easy one. If your business has changed, it would benefit you to have branding that portrays that. For example, if you used to be all about one service but now you’re niching down to another, a rebrand can help support the momentum that shift needs to thrive.

4. Your branding was trendy.

Whether you were branded in a trend that’s come and gone OR you need to align your business with a current trend, a rebrand can help. Trends stir up very specific emotional connections and can be very powerful negatively or positively for your business. 

One good example would be a home decor store that was branded with a pen and ink hand drawn firefly and rustic letters to show customers they were a place to find antiques and beautiful home accents. That water color trend has come and gone and may imply that the products are out of touch. This business needs to pay attention to current trends for shops with antiques and home decor, and rebrand to flourish.

5. Show your customers you’re here to stay.

A refresh will show your customers that you are active in your business and care about its longevity. Is your business awesome and beloved? Rebrand and your customers will go crazy with devotion!

6. Your brand is DIY and it’s just not working.

Sometimes it can feel like everything about your business is a challenge. Don’t let your branding be one of those challenges anymore. If you hired someone in the past but you just know in your gut that the look isn’t impressive, please reach out to us or another brand designer who has a portfolio and style that you want. It’s worth the investment to finally check this box off and focus on hitting other challenges with more energy and focus.

A business rebrand is something to celebrate!

When it’s done begrudgingly or haphazardly, your customers may be so put off that they don’t give the rebranded business a chance. This looks like a halfway attempt such as a vinyl banner vs. a proper sign, or a website that’s new but a business interior that still has signs of the old look. You must go all in, or it can be detrimental.

Clients I have helped with rebranding have been both super excited about their business growth and also terrified about attracting even more attention and more business. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win!

Looking to rebrand your business? Check out our services page so we can discuss how I can help you show up authentically in your business.

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