3 Big Reasons Your Business Needs A Clear Brand Strategy

April 20, 2023

brand strategy

A brand strategy is a company’s unique plan that defines what visuals it will use and why it will use them to help endear it to ideal customers. The plan touches on audience, niche qualities, voice, color, imagery and overall personality. Every business needs a clear brand strategy as there are many benefits to having one! Let’s discuss three of the main reasons why it’s so important.

1. Your business has a personality and you need to understand what it is.

Businesses have personalities, similar to people. They have a history and a mission and the way they go about achieving goals reveals their personality. A bold business might feel aggressive and vibrant while a soothing business feels restorative and safe. The brand strategy for each business will anchor itself to the personality and then make sure all visual choices uphold it. Without a strategy, the personality comes out in confusing ways, but it is still there, waiting to be featured.

2. A clear brand strategy saves you time and sets you on an easy path. 

I’ve seen business owners spiral with decision fatigue. I have also experienced this, so I know first hand that it’s a waste of time. Having a clear strategy gives your business more than just a beautiful color palette to choose from, it gives you rationale and buy in. There’s less guess work, you know why all your signs need to be rugged and hand painted; it’s laid out for you in your brand strategy. 

3. It helps you focus on the selling.

When a business is unsure about who they are and what kind of visual experience they want to provide to their customer, they divert attention away from their product or service to work on this. The lack of confidence is felt all through their business and makes it difficult to sell to their customers. Brand strategy confidently lifts you up so you can do what you love!

With a clear brand strategy, you have a better understanding of your business as a whole, it saves you time, and allows you to focus on the things you should be putting your time and energy into. Prioritizing this is a no brainer! If you need help with the first steps of clarifying your strategy, check out my free PDF How To Be Irresistible Online. This fillable form will take you through the first part of the brand process I take my clients through so you can see the bigger picture when creating your brand strategy. If you’d like a professional to take the reins, reach out! I’d love to help you establish your business’s brand strategy.

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