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April 6, 2023

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Running and marketing a business is hard work, especially when you don’t have your branding established. Your business deserves a cohesive branding experience, and Laura Grant Design is here to help! When we partner together on brand design and website design, we determine not only the identity of the brand but also the vision for the future. 

Most brands are generally worried about how their customers will perceive their vision and whether or not it will work. Working with me, we will first and foremost establish who your ideal customer is. With imagery and branding that speaks not only to you but your ideal customer, we’ll pave a smooth path between you, the business owner, and your customer. This makes the vision easier to understand. 

My process is simple and straightforward, focused on exactly what you need. I love being a calming guide throughout this process! Let’s dive into what each design process looks like for my clients.


When you inquire about my brand design services, you’ll receive my services guide to book a free discovery call. The call is about 30 minutes long over Zoom (or in person if you’re local!) where we will determine what package works best for what you are looking for. Afterward, you will receive a proposal breaking down your package, along with the contract and invoice. Next, we will have our kick-off meeting! This is where we align on how the brand project needs to feel and what creative visual makes sense. We will determine this through information you submit and my industry research. A vision session comes next, where I present 9-12 keywords and a mood board, style board, and color palette for approval. After any edits needed, I’ll move on to the design. Once completed, I’ll send a video presentation of your project as well as a PDF for review and a form for approval. You’ll have the opportunity to get 2 edits at this point as well. When everything is approved, you can download all design files from our Google Drive!


When you inquire about my web design services, you’ll also receive a link to my services guide to book a free discovery call. The call is about 30 minutes long over Zoom where we will talk about the process and my single-scroll website offer with an optional add-on for more pages. (But I believe in a super simple site!) You’ll get your proposal, contract, and invoice afterward, followed by scheduling your kick-off call. During the kick-off call we will align on how the website project needs to feel and what creative visuals make sense. We will base this on my industry research and the information you submitted. The vision session comes next, where I present a mood board and color palette for approval. After any edits are made I will get to the design! I’ll send a video presentation of your website and a form for approval. There will be another chance for 2 edits, then I’ll finalize your website and send a tutorial video!

A recent project I enjoyed working on…

was for Nashville Home Organizers. This was a quintessential brand project from start to finish. The owner, Melanie Seaver, is a lead organizer in her business and in the process of scaling. This meant taking on a new name to make it easier for her customers to find her. My favorite part about working on this brand design was the balance of transparency and trust. We didn’t nail the logo icon on the first round, but the brand as a whole was so right for her ideal customers that playing with illustrations was a fun exploration of the single concept – home. I love how it turned out, and that we had fun doing it!

Majority of my new clients come to me through referral, which I am so grateful for. This means my clients are swooning over their projects to their friends and family! Past clients say they like working with me because I tend to put people at ease with my even-keeled personality. What a compliment!

If you are a business owner who wants to be involved in the design process who would like to work with me and swoon over your own project, let’s do it! Together we can create a visual identity that helps you stand out from competitors and nurtures brand loyalty with your consumers.

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